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Finding land for your next project?Tax planning taking your time?Looking for reliable Surveyors?Ready to exit and unlock profits?Turnkey Developer Solutions

We understand the various stages involved in delivering a successful project. We can help from inception to completion.

Land Acquisition

Identifying land with development potential is probably the single most important step in any development project. We work in partnership with the owner, planners and local borough council to ensure that the ideal balance between the land value and development opportunity meets with local planning policy.

Survey / Valuations

Offering a diverse range of services in both Residential and Commercial markets Primus Finance has gained detailed knowledge of property markets and developer expectations. We aim to deliver a professional service that represents value for money, recognising the need for timely reporting, accuracy and effective communication.


Tax Planning

Minimising the impact of tax on your property development project is all about planning ahead. We aim to get developers in a much better position to look ahead, understand their tax liabilities and make the requisite changes to maximise profit and reduce tax costs. Starting with business ownership and succession to profit extraction and reinvestment we cover the full lifecycle.



Our team of consultants advise on all aspects of development projects and associated funding issues. With experience of green field sites, business/retail/leisure/industrial park projects, new energy projects, data centres, hotels, mixed use developments, infrastructure development and city centre development projects we have build up knowledge and excellent local connections.


Control of development activities allows the government and local planning authorities (LPAs) to make sure that any new property developments, building extensions, alterations, change of use are carefully controlled and in keeping with their surroundings and in-line with current planning laws. Navigating the planning system can be a complex task.

Developer Exit

Once a building regulations are signed-off, a new-build insurance warranty has been put in place and confirmation of all planning conditions’ been satisfied, the development become eligible for a developer exit product. At this stage the properties become available for purchasers and the lender risk is largely mitigated. We have access to specialist lenders who can offer competitive terms.


Every project is different and that is exactly how we treat it. We know that this is not a ‘one size fits all’.


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